The Condition That Is Going to be of Local Search In 2017

Let’s start with a statement by one of the most qualified expert on search engine:

SEO will not die in 2017. But the number of beneficiaries of organic visibility from Google will decline dramatically.

One can conclude that SEO is not going to die but it will certainly be harsher on most of the practitioners. Local SEO practitioners are no exception in this concern.

The fragments that local is divided in

This fragmentation is the very reason that many of the businesses in every niche thrive. The fragments got their names and definition from the SEO processes that are implemented to market the businesses. These fragments are as under.

  • Businesses of high and low end having one as well as a number of locations.
  • Brands with multiple locations
  • Brands without any location but they rely on local traffic

The businesses that are more at risk are the low-end businesses and the businesses with no location, also known as non-local businesses.

The low end business SEO

Now it’s the time when we can clearly see major decline and even death to the SEO for low end businesses. These companies are the ones that wouldn’t normally hire persons with good knowledge about digital marketing and still manage to get the better revenue. Although there are the good ones but their numbers are not that big to be considered something on the basis of which we should oppose this change. After all, this end to the low end business SEO is not meant to hurt the companies but it rather suggests the practitioners to set the basics right while doing SEO. The right Indianapolis SEO strategies would still be effective in the same way.

Brands with no location

The non-local brands are now being considered outstaying their welcome. Google has been treating such businesses with more exceptions but the fact is that these businesses fail to answer searchers’ questions most of the times. We are not talking about the non-local businesses that have strategized their approaches to answer the users’ queries. These businesses are surely not going anywhere from SERPs. In fact, the non-local businesses that stick to the best SEO practices are now going to set a benchmark.

So, what are those best practices? Have a look at the following aspects or abilities.

  • Make sure that Google understands website’s structure.
  • The content should ensure better user engagement.
  • Create content that would answer most of the queries accurately.

High-end SMBs and Multi-location brands

The ambitious SMBs that are inspired by a will to compete and multi-location brands that follow best SEO practices are surely going to dominate more than ever. The reason is that the businesses with shady SEO practices are more likely going to be kicked out of the SERPs. It will create more spots that would be filled only by the genuine contenders. However, the competition is still going to be tougher because there is no short of online service centers and online store in every niche.


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